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After having worked at multiple advertising agencies for over five years, I realised that focussing on quantity (a staple practice at marketing firms) would inevitably compromise the quality of work. Right before the pandemic started is when I decided to branch out as a solopreneur in terms of my design practice. I deleted all the work I did in agencies from my portfolio and started afresh. I want to work primarily with women and queer business owners, as I know that empathy is important to starting a conversation and building a brand. I would love to work with people from other minority or marginalised communities as well!

Bagee Cha

Packaging Design for a tea brand

Bagee Cha Identity

Tea Brand Logo + Identity Design

Greens Basket

Supermarket Logo + Identity Design

Divya Sheth

Instagram Grid Design

Typographic Song Posters

A personal project that translates songs into posters


Queer NFT Branding, Logo and Identity Design

Posters For Divya Sheth

Event posters (collage)


Select logos designed between 2021-22

Typographic Posters

Collection of typographic posters made during the pandemic, 2021